Who are the guys behind the curtain at Rapid Creek Cycles?….

 Scott Winans, Rondo Buecheler, and Pete Harris opened Rapid Creek Cycles in 2006, believing that the community of Palisade was ripe (like that one – Palisade, ripe?) for a biking presence.  The area is gorgeous – with vineyards & wineries, orchards & Palisade Peaches, and not only has a great small town vibe, but also excellent riding, from rocking mountain bike trails to some of the best road riding in the Grand Valley.  Pete moved on a couple years later, and Scott & Rondo have grown Rapid Creek Cycles to be an integral part of Palisade.  From mountain biking in the Bookcliffs, on the Grand Mesa, and Horse Mountain areas, to cruiser wine tours or a road bike ride through orchard wonderfulness, we’re here to promote riding in Palisade and have a good time doing it.

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  Scott Winans 

I’ve been fascinated with bikes since that first Schwinn.  OK, it had a banana seat and a flag and was a girls bike, but I killed the ditchbanks with that thing, and with the next one too.  My first real mountain bike was in 1984, and my friends and I commandeered the Tucson mountains, and it just kept going from there.  Touring around the world in a couple dozen countries – that’s a blast, and throwing in a few fun jobs from designing space vehicles and toys to being a bike messenger (Bucky #149, and Seattle has more hills than you might think), bikes have always been my passion. 1993 brought me to Fruita Colo, and in 1995 we started creating the trails that would tranform Fruita into the riding center that it is today.  Bikes and trails have been in my blood all along.  That interest and my engineering background have taken me into the bike industry in many ways.  Currently, I am the VP of Engineering for Eko Sport, Inc – including the major brand of MRP Suspension, and serve as the president of COPMOBA, our local trails advocacy group.  Rapid Creek Cycles is my way of sharing my enthusiasm for and belief in biking.  I hope we see you in the shop, or on the trails or among the vineyards of Palisade.  

Rondo Buecheler

I started Mountain Biking in 1985 when a group of Grand Canyon Dory boatman started doing mountain bike trips from Montana to Idaho when not on the Salmon River.  In 1995 I co-founded Over the Edge Sports with Troy Rarick in Fruita, Colorado.  We had a wild 10 years there as Fruita grew into a mountain biking mecca.  After helping make Fruita the biking playground it is I sold Over the Edge Sports to look for the next biking hot spot. In 2006 I opened Rapid Creek Cycles with Scott Winans and have high hopes for Palisade and mountain biking on the slopes of the Grand Mesa and surrounding areas.